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Sheriff’s Office Introduces New Tool to Streamline Bonding Process

The Cook County Department of Corrections is now offering a new feature that expedites the process of bonding out detainees, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced today.

Members of the public who wish to post bond for a detainee can send an e-mail to prior to coming to the CCDOC.

The e-mail must contain the name and phone number of the person posting the bond as well as the detainee’s full name, date of birth and booking number which can be found under JAIL INFORMATION on

Upon receipt of the e-mail, Sheriff’s office staff will begin to process the release of the individual, which is expected to significantly decrease discharge waiting times. If our staff determines bond cannot be posted, we will notify the sender immediately via e-mail and telephone.

With a dozen buildings spread out over 96 acres, CCDOC staff is constantly working to ensure when bond is posted, detainees can be released as quickly as possible. This email pre-bonding process option further expedites and streamlines the bonding process.

For more details on bonding or other detainee information, visit


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