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Visit the Courthouse (Click for Info)

Visit the Jail (Click for Info)

Set up an inmate phone account (Click for Info)

Get more information about inmate trust accounts (Click for Info)

Report for S.W.A.P. (Click for Info)

Submit a Records Request (Click for Info)

Request Medical Records (Click for more info)
Note that the Cook County Sheriff does NOT maintain or have access to Cook County Jail detainee medical records.  You must contact Cermak Health Services, under Cook County Health and Hospital System, in order to obtain detainee medical records.

Request a criminal background (Click for more info)

Contact the Clerks Office (Click for more info)

Serve a Subpoena on the Sheriff’s Office

Request Movement for Electronic Monitoring, or check on a pending Movement Request
Contact or call 877-326-9198

Report Suspected Domestic Violence:
If the violence is occurring right now, call 911. If you suspect ongoing violence, call your local police department.

Report Suspected Child Abuse:
You can either call police, 911, or Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at the child abuse helpline 800-25-ABUSE (800-252-2873)

Report Suspected Animal Cruelty:
If it is an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, you can call the Cook County Special Operations Unit at 708-865-4720 during business hours or the 24-hour patrol desk at 708-865-4790.

What do I do if I find a gun?
Do not touch the gun. Call 911. Notify the operator of your location and the gun’s location. Then describe what the gun looks like to the operator.

Report a Crime Tip:
You may call Sheriff’s Police Patrol desk at 708-865-4790 or
To submit a tip anonymously click here
You may also call Crime Stoppers at 800-535-7867

Get my towed vehicle back:
Go to the Sheriff’s Police Patrol Desk at 1401 Maybrook Dr., Maywood, IL  with the following:

  • Valid Driver’s License (or bring a licensed driver with you)
  • Valid Insurance Card
  • Proof of Ownership (title, original purchase papers, rental agreement)
  • $500 cash or credit card (surcharge/convenience fee added)

You will get a paid stamp on your receipt from the patrol desk. Go to the towing company with the documents listed above and your receipt to get your vehicle back. There will be towing fees. For more information, call the towing company.

Get recovered property back:
If property is “Hold for Owner,” the owner can come with valid identification to pick it up. Call 708-865-4841 to make an appointment.

If property is “Hold for Investigation,” the property has to be released by the investigating officer before the owner can pick it up. The owner can call 708-865-4841 to inquire.

If the property is a gun, the owner needs to have court order papers, or a completed gun packet (notarized) to have property released. The owner can call 708-865-4841 for more information.

Tour The Jail (Click for Info)

Civil Process

Evictions Guide – A Plaintiff’s Guide to Eviction Procedure

Service Of Process – Summons, Subpoenas and other court orders F.A.Q.s

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