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Sheriff’s Employment Action Manual

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Unlawful Discrimination in Employment Action

If you have been contacted by any person concerning any Employment Action as found in the Sheriff’s Employment Action Manual (SEAM)  you are required to contact Elizabeth M.S. Oplawski, the Sheriff’s Compliance Officer, at 773-674-5965 or  You may contact the Compliance Officer if you suspect any other violations of, or interference with, SEAM.

Additionally, if you are aware of Unlawful Political Discrimination* that has occurred or is occurring, you are also required to contact Elizabeth M.S. Oplawski, the Sheriff’s Compliance Officer at 773-674-5965 or

*Unlawful Political Discrimination is defined as taking any positive or negative employment action involving an applicant, candidate or sheriff’s employee who is applying for, being considered for, or holding a non-exempt position that is based on political reasons or factors.

Shakman Exempt Positions – 10.28.2019


*Please continue to check the website as these procedures are
subject to change and revision*



Article A – Hiring updated 1/27/17

Article B – Merit Rank Promotional Procedures updated 7/26/19

Article C – Detail updated 7/01/14

Article D – Specialized Detail updated 7/01/14

Article DD – Fellowship Screening 10/15/18

Article E – Re-Hire of Former Sheriff’s Office Employees 2/25/19

Article EE – Civilian Recruitment and Selection Process 10/17/19

Article F – Employer Rights Transfer updated 1/11/19

Article G – Hardship Transfer updated 8/20/10

Article H – Non-Bid Transfer updated 3/9/15

Article J – Seniority Plus Bid Transfer updated 3/09/15

Article M – Selective Training updated 11/01/19

Article N – Specialized Training updated 7/01/14

Article Q – Sworn Non-Merit Rank Promotion updated 5/18/16

Article S – Layoff

Article T – Human Resources Policies and Procedures 10/15/18

Article U – Transfer Due To An Investigation updated 8/07/18

Article V – Discipline 10/21/10

Article X – Department Transfers and Title Changes 05/03/19

Article Y – Complaint Process 7/01/14

Article Z – Exempt List 10/15/18

Article AA – ADA Accommodation Procedure updated 1/01/15

Article BB – Overtime for Non-Union Employees 7/01/14

Glossary updated 08/25/15


Notification of Qualification Status (Non-Bid Transfer) Template Letter SEPT 2013

Notification of Qualification Template Letter (Senority Plus Bid) SEPT 2013

Notification of Disqualification Template Letter JUL 2013

Notification of Qualification Template Letter (Promotions) JUL 2013

Applicant No Political Consideration

Candidate Interview Evaluation Form – Updated 4/4/13

Candidate Writing Sample Evaluation Form 7/22/13

Candidate Promotion Score Sheet 7/22/13

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Reasonable Accommodation – APPEAL

*Please continue to check the website as these procedures are
subject to change and revision*


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