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Internal Employment Opportunities

Internal candidates please apply for any open civilian positions by logging onto the SheriffNet website:

Login to the SheriffNet website

Click the Department’s button

From the drop down menu

choose Human Resources

Click on the Internal Civilian Job Postings link to apply.

Internal Sworn Employment Opportunities

Download Application:
CCDOC-2018-005 Sergeant’s Straight Seniority Bid Transfer Cycle 1 (Internal and Internet) Sept. 2018
Electronic Monitoring Unit In House Bid July 2018 DCC-2018-001

Office of The Sheriff of Cook County Internal Application

REPOST Selective Training Announcement

Selective Training Announcement SBOTE 18-02 Posting
SBOTE 18-03 Selective Training Announcement

CCDOC-2018-003 Revised Application for Physical Ability Test (PAT) for Correctional Officers Aug. 2018
CCDOC-2018-003 Physical Ability Test (PAT) for Correctional Officers Aug. 2018 Internal and Internet

CCDOC-2017-006 Sergeants Straight Seniority Bid Transfer Awards (Cycle 2- Awards) (Internet) Jan. 2018
CCDOC-2017-007 Lieutenants Straight Seniority Bid (Cycle 2 – Awards) (Internet) Jan. 2018

Download Postings:

DOC Officers Straight Seniority Bid Awards (Final) (Amended) CCDOC-2017-05

2018-10-01 CO to DS Bid Form

Physical Agility Test Medical Release Form for CO to DS Candidate 10-2018

Physical Agility Test Requirements for CO to DS

2018-10-01 CO to DS SPBT Posting 07-18

CCDOC-2018-006 Transportation Officers Straight Seniority In-House Bid (Internet) Oct. 2018



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