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Civil Division

The Civil Division of Court Services is responsible for the processing, service, and enforcement of circuit court orders through three operational units: Civil Process Unit, Evictions and Levy & Warrant Unit.

The Civil Process Unit distributes protective orders and other legal documents filed with the Sheriff’s Department throughout Cook County.

The Eviction, Levy & Warrant Units, on the other hand, enforces orders received from the circuit court. While the Levy Unit seizes and disposes of personal property, the Eviction Unit removes people in unlawful possession of property and the Warrant Unit locates and apprehends subjects of civil warrants (body attachments).

The Governors Moratorium on evictions has expired.  All filing types are now accepted as they were pre-pandemic.  The Ilinois Supreme Court has issued an order requiring all forcible services to include an information flyer about rental assistance.  An example is available at the following link: (click on “Effective September 13, 2021, all residential eviction summons must include a notice about Court-Based Rental Assistance. A sample notice is available here in black and white and color. Check with your local court because they may have additional or different required information (for example, Cook and Winnebago counties).”

Orders of Possession in eviction cases now also require a Verification of Non-Rental Assistance Form available at the following link:


Due to our response to the COIVD-19 Pandemic, the CCSO Photo ID Unit is temporarily reducing its hours of operation. The Photo ID Unit will be open each day of each week from 9:00am to 5:00 pm in room 701 of the Daley Center until further notice. To schedule an appointment, please call 312-603-2134 or email the Photo ID Unit at:

For more information on the process of obtaining a CCSO Photo ID, please email: