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Cook County Jail Divisions

Active Individual in Custody Housing

Division II 
2700 S. California Ave.  Chicago, IL 60608
Built in 1955, Division II was designed to hold 870 individuals in custody in a dormitory setting.  Formerly the City of Chicago’s House of Corrections, it was turned over to the Sheriff’s Office in 1970 and combined with Division I to form the Cook County Department of Corrections.  Currently, Division II has 4 individual three-story building dormitories, of which 3 house general population male individuals in custody of a minimum or medium classification. One building houses male individuals in custody medical and psych individuals in custody in a minimum and medium classification.

Division IV
2717 S. Sacramento Ave. Chicago, IL 60608
Designed to hold 704 individuals in custody, this two story 16-wing building opened in 1975, and currently houses the jail’s female general population, all security classifications. The building also contains a stage and main recreation center.

Division VI
2801 S. Sacramento Ave.  Chicago, IL 60608
Built in 1979, Division VI is a two-story building with 24 wings and a capacity to hold 992 men.  Division VI provides Protective Custody and Disciplinary wings for medium and minimum security classified individuals in custody and a school wing for Medium and Minimum classified individuals in custody. The building also contains four living units known as Westcare, which focus on providing drug treatment to individuals in custody.

Division IX
2834 W. 31st Street Chicago, IL 60608
Opened in December of 1992, Division IX was designed to hold 1,056 super maximum security males. Currently Division IX, which is comprised of two interconnected three-story buildings, houses general population individuals in custody with a maximum security classification. The division also houses the Level System (consisting of four sections of housing for individuals in custody that committed disciplinary infractions while in custody), Disciplinary Segregation, the WIMP (Weapons In My Possession) tier, and Protective Custody for maximum security individuals in custody.

Division X 
2950 S. California Chicago, IL 60608
Opened in December of 1992, Division X is a four-story maximum-security structure designed to hold 768 male individuals in custody. In 2008, Division X was converted to medical and acute psych dose-by-dose building which accommodates individuals in custody of all security level classifications.

Division XI
3015 S. California Blvd. Chicago, IL 60608
Opened in 1995, Division XI is a state of the art 640,000 square foot, medium-security facility.  Consisting of central core surrounded by four housing PODS, Division XI can house 1,536 male individuals in custody.  All activity is controlled and monitored by a touch screen security system.

External Operations
2834 W. 31st Street Chicago, IL 60608
External Operations is responsible for the security of the facility perimeters, as well as the transportation of individuals in custody to and from the hospital and Fantus Clinic. The Superintendant of External Operations also oversees two specialty units charged with securing the premises; the jail’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) and the Canine Unit.

Inactive Individual in Custody Housing

Division I
2700 S. California Ave.  Chicago, IL  60608
Division I, the oldest building in the complex, was opened in 1929. The Division now has a capacity to house 1,250 maximum security male individuals in custody including the compounds largest PACE Institute program. The four-story building is divided into eight blocks.






Division III 
2700 S. California Ave. Chicago, IL 60608
Division III was an overflow building set up to house minimum and medium male individuals in custody during population spikes at the jail that required the use of additional jail tiers.

Division III Annex

Division III Annex, also a minimum and medium security dormitory setting, houses the jail’s gang free and veteran’s tiers.