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Thank You From A Distance

Campaign: Thank You from a Distance

What it Is:

A tireless and often thankless job that thousands of employees are carrying out, each day, has the Cook County Sheriff’s Office asking for YOUR help. While each of us continues to do our part with social distancing and reducing the spread of COVID-19, emergency responders nationwide continue to show up to work every day to keep us all safe.  Isolation is not an option for CCSO staff who work tirelessly to keep the wheels of our society turning. 

The question, How can I help? comes to mind immediately; as you continue to support one another, we are asking for you to support our Staff from afar. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is inviting anyone with keyboards, crayons, colored pencils and/or a phone to submit video messages, letters and drawings showing support and thanks to our first responders.  We will be circulating these to all staff at the Cook County Department of Corrections and other County facilities where law enforcement, health care workers, social workers, and more continue to work tirelessly.

Please take a moment and this opportunity to thank your first responders and ensure them we’re thinking of them and always grateful for their sacrifice, particularly during this time.

How: please email your attachments to   



Thank you to all CCSO staff!


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