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COVID-19 Cases at CCDOC

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Sheriff’s officers and county medical professionals are aggressively working round-the-clock to combat the global coronavirus pandemic. Even before the virus started rapidly spreading in the Chicago area, the office instituted early screening and testing of detainees and moved to increase the availability of PPE and sanitation supplies throughout the jail. Detainees who have symptoms of COVID-19 are isolated and tested by Cermak Health Services staff and receive thorough medical attention, and cellmates are quarantined and monitored.

The Sheriff’s Office also created an off-site, 500-bed isolation and care facility for detainees, took up an unprecedented effort to move detainees from double cells to single cells to increase social distancing, partnered with The New Roseland Community Hospital to provide on-site testing for frontline staff, and is consulting with noted sanitation and infectious disease experts.

Medical professionals have been testing for COVID-19 among all symptomatic detainees since the first detainees showed signs of the virus last month. As an additional effort to combat the virus, medical staff recently started testing all incoming detainees, including those not exhibiting symptoms, as well as select groups of asymptomatic detainees in the jail. Due to this expanded testing of detainees who are not showing symptoms, the number of positive results is expected to rise in the near term.

This strategic, enhanced testing regimen comes in light of new research showing that many individuals carrying the virus experience few, if any, symptoms

For more information regarding our ongoing efforts to respond to COVID-19 at the DOC, please visit our website:

As of 5 p.m. on 09/29/2020:

  • 29 detainees in custody at Cook County Jail are currently positive for COVID-19.
    • This includes 0 detainees who are being treated at local hospitals
  • 515 detainees in custody are no longer positive and are being monitored at a recovery facility at the jail
  • 11,097 detainees have tested negative for COVID-19.
  • 7 detainees who tested positive for COVID-19 have died while receiving treatment at local hospitals.

Additionally, 27 correctional officers are positive for COVID-19, as are 17 other Cook County Sheriff’s employees.

There are 520 employees who previously tested positive who are now recovered and have returned to work.

We are saddened to report that 3 of our correctional officers and 1 of our deputies have passed away as result of complications due to COVID-19.

Note: On June 9, 2020, the Sheriff’s Office revised its reporting protocol to count positive COVID-19 cases by the date the individuals were tested. Previously, positive cases were reported based on the date that the test result was obtained. This led to artificial fluctuations due to initial delays in obtaining test results.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is committed to transparency and accuracy. We believe reporting cases by the date the test was administered is the most accurate method of reporting positive COVID-19 cases, since the detainee was ultimately found to be positive based on the date the test was taken. It is important to note that any symptomatic detainee who was tested was isolated on the date of the test, not the date of the result, and the total number of positive cases is unaffected by the new methodology. All data shown on this page has been updated using the new reporting protocol.


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