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Jail Visitation and ADA Accommodations

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Visiting an inmate

In person Visitation – Please click here to schedule your in person visit:

Family Video Visits – Conducted via SKYPE.  The visitor must have an active SKYPE account set up with an email address.  To set up an account visit:   

Violations – CCDOC Rules and Regulations apply to video visits – no drinking, smoking, inappropriate behavior or nudity.  Violations can result in the revocation of visiting privileges.  To view additional CCDOC Rules and Regulations please visit:

Family and friends wishing to participate and receive either an In-Person or Video Visit may consult with their loved one. Next, your detained friend or family member will need to add your name to the visitation list and you will be contacted by a CCSO staff member to schedule a day and time for your visit.

Finding an inmate’s housing location

To find an inmate’s housing location call 773-674-5245 or click here to visit the inmate locator online.

The first characters in the inmate housing location list the division where the inmate is assigned (e.g. DIV2, DIV08).

The second set of characters in the inmate’s housing location are the detainee’s tier or living unit (e.g. 2B or Q1). Look for the tier on the schedule, and the day of the week and hours where the tier is listed.


The below divisional visiting schedule is not being followed due to our Covid 19 modified visitation procedures.

Division 6 Annex – Formerly Div 2 Dorm 2 & 3

Division 6

Division 8 RTU  

Division 8 RTU Annex (formerly Division 5)


Division 9

Division 10

Division 11

Visitors with Disability Accommodations

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office policy is to comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), including changes made by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008. The ADA prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing equal access and reasonable accommodations to its visitors with disabilities. Depending on the nature of the accommodation request, we may require advance notice. Visitors with questions or requests concerning reasonable accommodation should contact the ADA Compliance Officer by calling 773-674-7768 during normal business hours, or emailing during non-business hours.


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