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2018 Special Issue Trial Credential Application

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2018 Special Issue Trial Credential Application

People Vs. Van Dyke

Cook County (IL) Sheriff's Office

Thomas J. Dart, Sheriff

Media Organization Information

Media Organization Social Media Accounts

Applicant Information

Professional Individual Social Media Accounts

Supervisor Information

Must have a current face forward, original, passport size (2x2) photo attached in a jpeg. format to this application. You must include the name of the applicant and media organization on and within the jpeg photo file. Applicant must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license, state I.D. or passport upon credential pick up.

I hereby certify that I am an employee of the above named media organization and work in the capacity of gathering and/or reporting news events for said organization. I also acknowledge that the Special Issue Trial Credential allows access to specifically designated areas at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse which may include the Trial Courtroom, Overflow Courtroom, and/or First Floor Photography Area, based on my chosen credential media category.


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