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How do I add funds to an inmate trust account?

Home > F.A.Q. > How do I add funds to an inmate trust account?

Each inmate at the Cook County Department of Corrections has a trust account, which allows an inmate to purchase items from the commissary. The commissary offers items such as clothing, stamped envelopes, toiletries and food items, which are supplementary to the meals and supplies provided by the Department of Corrections. Each week, an inmate can purchase up to $100 worth of clothing and supplies and $100 worth of food items.

To insert funds into an inmate’s trust, monies can be wired into their account via Money Gram or Western Union, or mailed via Money Order directly to the Cook County Department of Corrections. For more information, please read the following steps:

• Please use the inmate’s correct identification number, as well as the exact spelling of the inmate’s name as it appear on our website when wiring money or sending money orders. Click here to search for this information.

• If you are wiring money into an account, please visit one of the following options and use the codes provided:

• Money orders can be obtained from various currency exchanges in Illinois. The Cook County Department of Corrections can only accept money orders for $100 or less. If you would like to send more than this amount, you must send it in multiple money orders.

Money orders should be made payable to the inmate, using the exact name and Jail Identification Number as it appears on our website.
Click here to find this information

Send the money order to the following address:
Cook County Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608

Money orders take up to 5 business days be processed and posted to the inmate’s account.

For more information, please call:

Trust Information (773)674-6864
Property Information (773) 773-674-5780
Immigration- (773)674-5200

Home > F.A.Q. > How do I add funds to an inmate trust account?


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