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The Freedom of Information Act was created to ensure that public entities like the Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) operate on an open and transparent level. It allows the media, commercial business, or individuals to request documents and records.
Before submitting a FOIA request please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. To submit a request, please follow the steps listed below:

Freedom of Information Act Request Form

(free Adobe Reader is needed)

There is no fee for the first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legal sized copies. The CCSO requires a fee of ¢15 cents per page for each page of a request that is more than 50 pages. The requestor must pay the copying fee before the office will release the requested copies.

Crash/Reconstruction Report: If you would like to obtain a copy of an accident crash report or an accident reconstruction report, please be advised there is a $5 fee for crash reports and a $20.00 fee for reconstruction reports, pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/6(b) and 625 ILCS 5/11-416.  Include a check or money order with your request payable to the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department.  Submit the written request and accompanying check to:

Attn: FOIA Officer
Richard J. Daley Center, Room 704
50 West Washington Street
Chicago, IL 60602

Media: If you would like to obtain copies of photographs, audio, or video, please be advised there may be an additional fee for the cost of the recording medium pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/6(a).  A CCSO FOIA officer will inform you of such a fee and will require receipt of payment prior to tendering responsive records.

FOIA Documents Maintained by CCSO Departments Below is a list of the documents typically maintained by each Department for purposes of compliance with Section 5 of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. 5 ILCS 140/5. This list is not intended to be exhaustive and instead reflects the most popularly-requested documents based on what is traditionally maintained in the normal course of business. Please note this list does not serve to waive any privileges or exemptions available to the CCSO under FOIA or in the course of litigation.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department

  • Cook County Sheriff’s Police Incident and Arrest Reports
  • Investigative and/or Case Files
  • Accident Reports/Accident Reconstruction Reports
  • Communication Center Complaint Logs
  • 911 Audio Records
  • Incident Logs
  • Crime Scene Reports
  • Evidence Inventory
Department of Corrections
  • Booking Records
  • Mittimus packs for inmates
  • CCDOC Incident Reports
  • CCDOC Disciplinary Reports
  • CCDOC Inmate Grievances
  • Divisional records including Rosters and Commander Logs

Court Services Department

  • Deputy Sheriff Reports
  • Daily and Weekly Incident Reports
  • Courthouse Surveillance Video Records
  • Daily Lock-up Logs
  • Property Inventory

Bureau of Training and Education

  • Training Instructor's Guides and Program Files
  • Academic Training Assignments
  • Training Programs, Workshops and Seminars
  • Training Applications
  • Gun Registration and Qualification Record
  • Training Films
  • Class Rosters

Department of Communications

  • Press Releases

Merit Board

  • Merit Board Complaints
  • Merit Board Decisions

Bureau of Human Resources

  • Personnel Files: Application, Resume, Photographs, Fingerprints, and Time Records
  • Time Cards/Attendance Records
  • Medical Call Reports/Employee Absence Records
  • Evaluations
  • CCSO General Orders
  • CCSO Policies and Procedures

Bureau of Fiscal Administration

  • CCSO Contracts
  • Ledgers, Requisitions, Disbursements
  • Budget Development Files
  • Overtime Reports
  • Summary Report of Performance
  • Grant Files/Federally Funded Projects
  • Special Project Files
  • Sheriff Department Reports, Annual Reports and Surveys

Office of the Inspector General

  • CCDOC, CCSPD, and Cook County Criminal Building Video Records
  • CCSO Investigative Records
  • OPR Complaint Register Files
  • Inspector General Complaint Register Files

Bureau of Information and Administration

  • CCDOC and CCSPD Data Reports
  • Vehicle History and Maintenance Files
  • Vehicle Inventory Card


The Operating Budget for the Cook County Sheriff's Office for Fiscal Year 2016 is $513,351,967.00. The number of budgeted full time employee positions for Fiscal Year 2016 is 6,704.2.

Organizational Chart - 2016

Home > Freedom of Information Act Request


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